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Computech Infosystem is a work savvy and always proceed with works to create a brand value through our positive and hardworking attitude towards excellence.

CCTV Installation
Rental / On Hire

Computech Infosystem offer Complete CCTV or IP Camera Setup or rental services for All kind of International or national event & Industries across India. Wide range of CCTV cameras that fulfill different requirements. We provide FULL HD cameras PTZ, IP, Analog etc.for live Streaming on mobile, Laptop, & Desktop

Firewall and
Load Balancer

Basically, a firewall is a device to keep destructive forces like Virus, Trojans, worms, and many others types of attacks away from entering your internal network (LAN) from internet (WAN).We provide the appropriate network firewall for creating your secured network against the authorished & unauthorished user.

GPS / VTS (vehicle tracking system)

Your vehicles are tracked via GPS and a detailed log of their movements, speed and idling is centrally stored for thorough analysis.Each vehicle is fitted with our tracking device. With second-by-second GPS tracking and the powerful TEAXSMART software, each vehicle’s movement is automatically recorded.

Since 2001 Computech Infosystem helping clients.

Our speciality to deliver high-end technology with cost effective and quality IT services. We can create a milestone to boost up your business. Being oriented towards innovative productivity in our work we have adopted a “Client- Centric” approach. We believe in a healthy relationship with our clients on long-term basis.

Certified company

We are registered on IndiaMart & Just Dial

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Our engineers are available and ready to help as quickly as possible.

Our Services

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We work with both small and enterprise networks last 10 years or more

Our engineers are available and ready to help as quickly as possible. We know the customer value and always we tried to keep it as best level

We provide online & Off line both support. Our support time for online 10AM - 11.00PM & Telephonic support 9AM - 9.30PM

Creating great solutions is an enterprise-wide team sport. We ask for and offer help to one another. We appreciate the power of diverse perspectives. We share information and strive to create an environment that welcomes and values everyone.

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